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Fallout Wasteland Warfare settlement mode part 6

Welcome back to another settlement mode narrative post! As we nearly draw to the end of arc 2, the NCR at Bonnie Springs is facing its toughest battle as both with in its borders and out are riddled with problems. However, all that was about to change…

October 7th: After investigating the events around the data extraction, the NCR investigator and internal affairs meeting at Camp McCarron connected the picture of the situation. The Princes Utopia have been acquiring the means to destroy Ranger Station Foxtrot in the west, securing the ancient anti aircraft cannon and hunting down its ammo by raiding NCR stockpile sites. Evidence for this came from eyewitness accounts of the group securing a safe route west to transport the weapon by packs of brahmin towing it. The sabotage of communication link from Bonnie Springs was to stop any interference from the NCR out west.

They’ve also brought loyalty of outside assets of the Frontier Alliance, an old American styled exploring faction who seek territory to claim and expand. This was the same group who attacked Atomic Sae ow! stealing trading route and stockpile files. Drawing to the conclusion from evidence gathered that they were the group who cut Bonnie Springs connection to Ranger Station Foxtrot. Due to this cut in communication, the NCR had to send a courier and a guard squad all the way to Bonnie Springs to protect this vital information to be delivered. Barely only 1/3 had survived after an ambush attack at night by the Frontier Alliance. When Mayor Phillips finally received this letter (and the added annoyance that communication repair wouldn’t be repaired on time until a month later) he and the ambassador set about intiating a plan to hunt down the weapon and seize it.

October 8th: Carlos, Alister, Daniel, George and Jade were ordered to follow the old road north to patrol its length. If they see the Princes Utopia hauling the weapon, they must follow it to see where it will be positioned. Then do what must be done to take it by any means. Meanwhile, Harry and Mr Gutsy will stay at a safe distance until the Coast is clear, and in case anyone is wounded needing stimpacks.

Meanwhile, protests strike at the heart of the town as the Flynnstown survivors finally break into aggressive rioting. Mayor Phillips and staff are trapped inside NCR HQ office with no way to escape. From a distance, the ancient weapon sits in its high point overlooking the land pointing its cannon toward the Ranger Station…

That’s it for today. I’ll be back with the final part of Arc 2 very soon, including a lot of photos of the game played.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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