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The Legion diaries: part 3

Over a month later my Legion collection got one last addition to complete the current range from Fallout Wasteland Warfare. The Veteran Wave contains two mongrel hounds, one Vexillarius, one Hound Master and one Legion Scout. Enough variety as a small force or add to your core set to play games of FWW. Now thatContinue reading “The Legion diaries: part 3”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare settlement mode part 6

Welcome back to another settlement mode narrative post! As we nearly draw to the end of arc 2, the NCR at Bonnie Springs is facing its toughest battle as both with in its borders and out are riddled with problems. However, all that was about to change… October 7th: After investigating the events around theContinue reading “Fallout Wasteland Warfare settlement mode part 6”