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Fallout wasteland warfare Bonnie Springs Settlement mode part 5

After last posts shocking twists and turns that changed the core of Bonnie Springs and its settlers, the way forward will be a long and ceaseless battle to maintain within the community and the towns survival.

September 24th: An emergency call was broadcasted to Bonnie Springs Settlement in the afternoon. A nearby NCR settlement down south east called Atomic Sae ow! (A sign which would have read “Atomic Sale now on!” Was worn by years of neglect, resulting in it now being used as it’s location name like Novac) was attacked by an unknown group of organised invaders, who initiated a early morning raid into the town. Currently it’s a stand still as neither the attackers nor the stationed NCR soldiers will leave until the last spills blood on the desert earth. Mayor Phillips sends his squad out to face this new meanace and protect the allies of the NCR.

September 24th (afternoon): As the squad arrive in time to reinforce their allies, they soon realise the enemy is nowhere in sight, though heavy fighting has clearly taken place here from the aftermath wreckage. When quizing the local garrison squad leader, she was as confused as the Bonnie Springs squad. The enemy clearly had a good chance of pushing the NCR back and taking over the town. But it looked as though conquest wasn’t the goal, for later on it soon became apparent that the invaders took several paper work in a nearby office house. These included stock intake, caravan time tables and log entries of trade. Despite the NCR protecting this town, the lack of numbers due to shortage from troops sent to Hoover Dam as a primary target to defend. The individuals were identified as ghosts from the past, early American Frontier explorer’s who came charging in with rifles. A New enemy it seems, though tracing them was like hunting for ghosts in itself…

September 30th: Whilst patroling the outskirts of Bonnie Springs, they discover a group of strangely dressed soldiers looking around the telecom power station. It soon became apparent that these were the same group that attacked Atomic Sae ow! a couple of days ago. It turns our the group were trying to cut the telecom lines connecting Bonnie Springs to other locations. After an intense fire fight that nearly ended in the NCR’s favour, their luck ran dry as the trespasser group successfully cut the wires and trashed any attempts at a quick fix. They fled soon afterwards into the Mojave.

Now with long range communication cut off and radio signals getting weaker, Bonnie Springs is in dire need of help now more than ever. But the NCR is too distracted by the Hoover Dam to protect it from the savage Legion, so the long wait begins. Mayor Phillips has not only got to deal with the internal strife within his borders, but he has to also deal with this new threat who have outwitted the NCR Patrol Squad. Where dose this all lead to he wonders…

That’s it for today. The story will continue in the next post in my ongoing Bonnie Springs Settlement mode Series. Thanks for reading this post!

-34th Tribe

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