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Welcome to 34th Tribe of the Vault Wargaming!

Wargaming hobby and discussion.

Hello and welcome to 34th Tribe of the Vault! This blog post is all about my passion and interest in tabletop miniature wargaming. I cover miniature collection, narrative wargaming stories, hobby tips and ideas and anything else that comes to mind.

I cover the following wargames and miniature hobby with more to come in future:

  • Fallout Wasteland Warfare (Modiphius Entertainment)
  • Warhammer universe (Games Workshop)
  • Gundam (Bandai)
  • Scratchbuilt Scenery

You can also follow me on Instagram for the latest hobby projects with some light humour on the side at: 34th_Tribe_of_the_Vault

(Note: My blog is not officially endorsed and supported by Games Workshop, Bandai and Modiphius Entertainment. All work featured is solely for hobby and none profit based work. All rights and IP belong to it’s rightful owners).