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Narrative wargaming

On this page is all of my narrative wargaming posts and background work that relates to each narrative story. From the post apocalypse settlement story to fantasy crusade across vast areas of dangers and glory, detailing the tales of triumph and tragedy that could be a book of it’s own.


Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Squad Labradorite, a Brotherhood of Steel Map Campaign story


Taking place after the events of the Bonnie Springs NCR Settlement Mode story, after failing to stop the enemy from using an ancient weapon of war, and her entire squad along with its superior being massacred, Knight Casey is branded an exile from the Hidden Valley Bunker. Her only way of redemption is to survive five assigned missions In order to regain her place beside her fellow kin.

Part 1


Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode


After the events of the First Battle at Hoover Dam, the New California Republic initiated a settlement program designed to ensure the people of the Mojave that the NCR is the one and only choice as a democratic power to support and rule New Vegas. This was done to ensure the NCR could cover as much land as possible and enlist new blood into the military within these pocket settlements without straining resources and power from protecting the Hoover Dam.

It provided a positive front as to dissuade any misgivings or past injustices that the NCR may or may not have caused. In any cause these settlements guaranteed a citizen class above the life of a wandering wastelander, who may want to live in a protected neighborhood, with an elected mayor to oversee the settlements politics and ensure order and community be the prominent values for all to see. 

Bonnie Springs was chosen as a suitable location to become a recognized NCR territory. the events that follow will shape the settlements future as a bright and prosperous safe haven, a den of corruption that has become a reputation of the NCR wherever it goes, or it will become nothing but a ghost town once again…

Arc 1, part 1 in the Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode story

Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode/ the full story

Wouldn’t you believe it, it’s been over a year since the Bonnie Springs settlement mode was going on the blog and Instagram. It was my first ongoing narrative story that took inspiration from the Fallout setting, and became its own little universe of stories. As my first lore project to play the tabletop and conjure…

Thematic list of the Mojave Wasteland: NCR and Caesar’s Legion

Welcome back to another Fallout Wasteland Warfare Thematic list post, or should I say a new and reworked way? Rather than just posting suggestion list formations in many parts, I’ve gone back over my notes, made some alterations and improved on what I had planned out to create faction based PDF format. Designed for both…

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