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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Bonnie Springs settlement mode part 7 (finale)

Welcome back to the biggest post in the series to date, the final part of Arc 2 begins here as the clash of three powers meet upon the desert wasteland of the Mojave. Since the start at part 1 of the series through the in world months has been leading up to this point.

Rather than writing this part as usual, most of it will be short text in my collection of photos, taken on the day I was playing the game. Afterwards, the conclusion will be written with a F:NV style end credits.

Without further or do here is Bonnie Springs Settlement mode arc 2 end…

Daniel the Civilian Ranger and Mr Gutsy reached the anti aircraft cannon first, charginng in to stop the crew from firing the cannon. Firing his shots at one of the crew, a Princes Utopia soldier, he delt some damage but ultimately the soldier was killed by a well placed sniper shot by 1st Recon Sniper, Alister. Mr Gutsy was barely alive as he was beaten badly earlier by two Frontier Alliance troopers. Daniel then realised that the cannon weapon had changed its line of sight, not directed as assumed at the Ranger Station, but Bonnie Springs! Before he could interven the inevitable, he sadly lost his life after a second trooper shot him with a laser rifle. He was turned into a pile of fresh burning ash pile…

Alister tried to shoot the second trooper but failed to strike. Mr Gutsy charged into combat towards the trooper but not much else was prevented.

The Princes Utopia leader in T-60 power armour tried to delay both the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel from reaching the anti aircraft weapon. Despite holding his ground with his power armour decimated from several shots, he was finally killed by an NCR trooper called George, no less. Gurgling in blood of the deep wounds inflicted, the now uncovered founder of Flynnstown died as he fallen backwards to the ground. But his dream of the reunification would live on as planned…

Carlos and Alister went on the move towards the objective after taking several sniper shots, though their efforts were wasted…

Harry the Vault Dweller of the East followed his Companions knowing his death was before him…

The epic conclusion was here. A lone Knight, Casey, reached the objective to wipe her foes clean. Only she can achive this mission after all her brothers were killed in action. But her efforts were wasted. In the end the Princes Utopia of those few alive successfully fired the shot. A blast of heat and fire spewed from the cannon in an earthquake shake of the force. All those on the battlefield looked up in joy or horror at the missiles direction, flying above them and over towards Bonnie Springs…

Carlos dropped to his knees in despair for he knew deep down he failed. His duty. His town. His country. But most importantly he lost his hopes and dreams…

At 18:23pm, Bonnie Springs and all those within the heart of the town were instantly decimated by the missile strike. Mayor Phillips, the NCR Ambassador and everyone else within the boarded up HQ were instantly turned to Ash. The Flynnstown protesters had become deranged as many were killed, badly burnt or just managed to survive by some miracle. Either way, those that survived the blast fled town to find safety at Goodsprings, the Ranger Station up north or venture deep into the Mojave Wasteland.



Months of protecting and growing Bonnie Springs into a thriving NCR hub for trade, enlistment, territory and a source of tax income for the cause. All of it wiped clean off the map by one missile. Now, Bonnie Springs is but a crater of Ash and ruin. The NCR board of council written off Bonnie Springs as a lost cause, and no attempt was made to re-establish a settlement there. When General Oliver Lee was questioned on the fate of the town he said “It was a damn shame” and “The NCR will be looking into this ‘Princes Utopia’ group thanks to the late Bonnie Springs Patrols gathering of evidence” which was held by Camp McCarron. “The perpetrators will effectively be classified as shoot on site status”.

A memorial plaque would later be placed at the edge of the towns crater to remember the soldiers and civilians of the town who perished.

Brotherhood of Steel

Paladin Reginald and nearly all of his squad were killed in a valiant effort to stop the Princes Utopia from firing the weapon. Only one Knight, Casey, survived the battle and ultimately had to destroy the mechanism of the weapon. For her failure she was exiled for her squads failure to retrieve the weapon. However, due to her success at dismantling the weapons use to anyone else of corrupted intent, she was assigned to carry out an important mission of redemption where she may return to the Brotherhood once more. With her armour restored and restocked for her quest, Knight Casey leaves her home for possibly her last in her life.

Princes Utopia

Success at achieving their mission to destroy Bonnie Springs, the Princes Utopia rejoiced at their victory for beating back the two headed bear and the dying knightly order. Though at a great cost of losing their leader, ‘Flynn’ the ex Enclave icon and leader of Flynnstown. His dream came true now that his people will return to rebuild and rule the Mojave.

Whilst the weapon was unfortunately destroyed in the battle, the remaining troops waited for two flying objects in the sky to come at the destined time. A red flare was shot up in the sky followed by two Vertibirds which came towards them minutes later.

A New chapter begins for the Princes Utopia…

Bonnie Springs Patrol

Veteran Ranger Carlos, 1st Recon Sniper Alister and NCR Trooper George withdrew from the battle after their defeat. They came back to Bonnie Springs only to find despair, destruction and death. Anyone that survived and still committed to the NCR cause joined Carlos and his men back to Camp McCarron. Only 1/3 of the survivors followed them.

When they finally reached the base Carlos informed command of the situation, and was later kept in isolation and interviewed for why he failed. A month went by as Carlos was trialled at court, which conclusively found him guilty of failing to protect the property of the NCR, civilians, soldiers and the town of Bonnie Springs from harm, costing the NCR thousands of dollars worth of damage and loss of income.

He was sentenced for up to 8 years in jail and his rank stripped for so that the Desert Rangers reputation wouldn’tbe tarnished (though the whole incidentwas hushed up to keep the moral going). He only served three of those years when he was released to be given a death sentence mission. He would later be transported out of the Mojave towards the edge of The Divide. As of 2281 there has been no confirmation that he came back alive from his mission in the storms of The Dived…

Alistar only served 6 months for his part in stopping the weapon as proof by the wounds on the crew manning the anti aircraft cannon. He would later be assigned out west to the defense of the Hoover Dam. At first he was broken by his part in the failure to protect Bonnie Springs and losing two of his friends, Veteran Ranger Carlos and the late Civillian Ranger Daniel. However, Alister would soon regain his stride as a marksman and eventually respect by those around him after proving his worth taking down several threats outside of the Dam.

NCR trooper George had the same sentence as Alister, and would later be released to be assigned on duty at Freeside. He was later found dead in a quiet obscure corner on the edge of Freeside, after failing to report in to his superiors that his rotation duty was done. The cause of death was an overdose of jet, a note in his pocket described how he couldn’t stop the memory burn into his sight of the missile destroying his home town along with his family at Bonnie Springs.

Harry and Mr Gutsy

The aftermath of the battle left Harry and Mr Gutsy on the side lines as the rest of the team rushed back to the crater of their town. Both knowing there was no turning back, Harry fixed Mr Gutsy as best he could despite the vocal box wrecked, an eye stalk trashed and two of the three arms damaged beyond use. They both set off up north into the Mojave Wastelands unknown, searching for the Mr Handy factory to repair Mr Gutsy properly. Ironic then that this location was the same site which started the whole war against the NCR and The Princes Utopia.

From the ashes of a dead town of blackened debry and the whistle of the wind like a silent mourn of the dead, a small stone stood partially within the craters edge. The memorial stone of Kell the Hero of Flynnstown partially still standing despite some damage from the missile strike. What was meant to mark the turning point in Bonnie Springs early setbacks and a unification of two towns became the symbol of its down fall.

Beside the memorial stone was a recently placed military green coloured T-60 power armour helmet. It was severely damaged with broken lenses, bent plating and bullet marked holes at the front respirator grill. Beside this was a dog tag left infront of the memorial, engraved with the Enclave symbol alobg with a quote saying “Fight for your country today, for youre sacrifice will be part the American utopia”.

That’s it! What journey its been doing Bonnie Springs Settlement mode. Months of research, gaming, lore writing and planning this story has been a memorable time. I’d say it’s even been one of my most successful long term gaming series to date.

Admittedly it has taken me some time to get all of this done. Technically I should’ve gotten this done a few weeks ago, however, I think having this much time has helped me refine story elements that on reflection needed editing.

You may or may not have noticed some plot elements that haven’t been tied up, or individual characters having a new direction at the end. I thought that it was a good opportunity to leave my characters with an end point where I can pick up from should I return to play them again. They may be part of a settlement mode Series, a campaign story or a single game story.

With that, I conclude the Bonnie Springs story to the pages of non canon history.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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