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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Campaign: The Battle of Nelson part 1 & 2

The Battle of Nelson is set several months before the main event of Fallout: New Vegas, when the New California Republic was still in control of one of its three camps along the Colorado River. Camp Nelson is the middle of the three camps, made as a fort defense to keep the Legion back from counter attacking Hoover Dam.

However, in the video game, we find out that the Legion had taken over Camp Nelson. Deadsea, a Recruit Decanus, is in charge of the Legion occupation of this site. This is one of two great advances that Caesar’s Legion has made to expand closer into NCR territory, the other being the decimation of Camp Searchlight by nuclear exposure.

In this alternative timeline universe of Fallout: New Vegas, the campaign is set a few years after the Bonnie Springs Settlement mode Series. It follows the perspective of the Legion as they dare to invade Camp Nelson by the cunning plans of Centurion Lindvm. Spliting his forces in half by two groups of 40 Legionaries, Lindvm leads the southern pincer whilst Recruit Decanus Deadsea leads the northern pincer.

First, the Legion scatters in groups of tent squads to obscure their true strength from the NCR. From these scattered groups encounters emerage, and many will likely perish.

Centurion Lindvm hopes his gamble pays off with enough Legionaries alive to regroup at the checkpoint to initiate the counter attack of the southern half. If he fails to arrive on time for the assault on Camp Nelson, then Deadsea himself will lead the attack with only 39 Legionaries in his command.

Game 1: Encounter

A Tent squad of the southern pincer group came into conflict with the NCR Patrol squad. A fierce battle began as both sides fought to decimate the other. The battle was a stalemate as neither side could gain the majority.

The victor of this battle came by third party intrusion as a swarm of Cazadors swooped in to kill all parties of the engagement. The battlefield was in fact a Cazador nest site from the shade of boulders.

The battle ended in a bloody draw as neither Legion nor NCR forces lived to tell the tale.

Game 2: Trader

Some miles away from the first engagement of skirmish combat, an NCR Patrol led by NCR Patrol Ranger Mathew was escorting a trader on route to a safe settlement. The Trader and his Brahmin looked innocent enough from appearance as a traveling salesmen. Though in truth this is a cover for an NCR package delivery of supply’s to the Ranger Station.

Today proved why such protection and misdirection was needed, as a Caesar’s Legion Tent squad ambushed the NCR Patrol. To the Legions perspective, this trader was an ally to the NCR, so all must be made an example of to the God of Mars.

The battle was an intense and frantic skirmish, time was ticking as the trader and his Brahmin were escaping to safety with NCR covering fire to distract the Legionaries. Just before the trader could escape to safety, he was assassinated by a Decanus’ Machete Gladius to the back.

Victory would be a brief one for the Legion as the Brahmin managed to escape from the battle. There was no point in chasing the beast now. Despite not plundering the loot from the traders goods they at least killed the trader.

In the perspective of the NCR, this was a bitter defeat as the trader was actually a trained technician who was going to set up a new communication hub at the Ranger Station. This would have improved sending and receiving messages to nearby NCR outposts. However, at least the package survived the battle intact, but setting it up will likely take days once a new technician arrives.

The Legion would embrace this battle as a minor victory, whilst Recruit Decanus Titus make a fine kill in slaying the trader, it was a missed opportunity to recover the goods from the Brahmin. They didn’t know that this simple trader escorting ambush would’ve been far greater a target if they knew the full story…

End of part 1 of 3


2 thoughts on “Fallout Wasteland Warfare Campaign: The Battle of Nelson part 1 & 2

  1. These games sounded fun and there were some surprising events and results too. I really like the NCR so I’ll be rooting for them to fare better in the next few games! Are Cazadores pretty dangerous in Wasteland Warfare? I vaguely remember them in New Vegas being tough but I’m guessing they have to be dangerous in Wasteland Warfare too.


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