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Update and Zaku II

You will have noticed that I’ve been absent on this blog for over a month now. Simply put I’ve started posting content over on the Modiphius Forums, which has been fun and much more engaging to post F:WW fan content. Though what does that mean for the blog?

I plan to make the blog still as it was and will be for the foreseeable future as I continue to post wargaming hobby content. Though I will unfortunately not be posting fan projects like the Themstic lists, Wasteland Events and etc. However, you can find those and new content posted on the Modiphius Forums to download as PDF supplements. Which I’d say is way more convenient than scrolling through a blog page lol.

Taking a month off has given me time to think about what I should do with the blog, and how best to continue it. I personally believe that the campaign narrative series approach is the best way forward, I had tons of fun with the Bonnie Springs Settlement mode as a gaming and narrative solo experience. So I aim to continue in that direction as my main focus for content, maybe several shorter events and one or two major campaigns a year.

I’d also like to post wargamimg content on discussion topics or a series of posts on a subject as journey of sorts. I don’t express my opinions or ideas on Instagram, wheres on a blog I think it would be a good thing to try out.

With that done, onto the Zaku II Gundam kit.

Last week I got myself a Zaku II model kit as part of a project to create a realistic 1/144 scale mecha. Using scoring techniques, engraving, edge highlighting, damage effects and more to create a Sons of Horus themed Zaku II. The Horus Heresy meets the Principality of Zeon.

Whilst my intent was to scribe lining the model, that went pretty bad. So I went for battle damage to amend my terrible attempt at making panel lining cuts. I think scribing is beyond my ability, though it takes practice to get the right look to be fair.

The Zaku II wasn’t a big hit on Instagram, though it wasn’t for people’s attention, rather it was for my own choice to do what I wanted to do. I’m impressed with the final outcome of this project, and I hope to do more Gundam projects this year (since I seem to only do one every year).

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading this post and hopefully I’ll be back soon with another hobby post.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

One thought on “Update and Zaku II

  1. I’m really glad to hear that the forums are treating you well. I think the gundam came out really well too. I built a few gundam when I was in high school so I always appreciate seeing them. I look forward to seeing what you post on here as well. Reading about your campaign sounds great to me!


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