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Thematic list of the Wasteland: Ceaser’s Legion I

I mentioned in my last post how I’d made some army lists for Caesar’s Legion in games of FWW. I did several faction lists based on information and sources in the video game to help me create lore friendly and fun gangs to play instantly.

These lists are based on thematic squads as seen in the Fallout series, from tent squads, BOS Patrols, NCR squads and Super Mutant hunting warband. Most of the these themed lists can be used with both the Core and expansion sets.

Today’s list will be focusing on the Basic Assassination Squad, who seek out targets that have caused some nuisances to the Legion. Whilst their target may not be highly dangerous nor pose a significant risk to Legion operations, such distractions could cause complications. The Assassination squad intimidate their targets into submission without force as the pleasant and least messy option. However, should compliance be ignored the squad will have no quarrels in dispensing close combat engagement.

Before we go further, I want to explain how thematic lists work and the hombrew rules that applies to using them in your games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Essentially thematic list rules are:

  • Each thematic list is a set of units as part of a themed formation like a patrol squad or a compact group of elite soldiers. You pay the same cost as you would building a gang with caps. The lists cover the cost of the units and their basic default eqquiped weapons.
  • If you choose a thematic list you’ll have the choice of either using them without the set perk costs or spend caps for both the formation and perks. Limitations still apply if you don’t take these perks.
  • You may not include anymore units, even existing units within the thematic list cannot be increased in numbers.
  • You may spend caps on weapons ranged and melee, armour, clothing, throwing weapons, power armour, food and drink, mods and other items.
  • You cannot spend caps on perks; only those on the themed list.
  • You may spend caps on Heroic
  • You can spend caps on any Leader cards for your gang leader. I’ve left Leader cards out of thematic lists as it gives players freedom to customise how they want their leaders to act.
  • For picking extra items to spend caps on, you can pick from the faction list that is limited on what type of weapons and items that faction can pick [Note: This list will be featured at some point in the future, for now, you can choose what would suitably fit your factions preference to warfare].
  • When setting cap limit for thematic lists you may find that the combined basic cost and perk costs combined won’t exactly reach a complete total. This is so you can spend spare caps to pay for additional equipment, for eg: a 567 cap thematic list could have a 33 spare cap pool or a 433 spare cap pool. Discuss this with your opponent to agree on what your total cap limit should be.

Now that all explained, let’s get into the first list! The following is as of releasing this post is the current cap cost. You can find out the updated cap cost on units, weapons and perks Modiphius’ downloads on their website, or the companion Fallout Wasteland Warfare app.

Basic Assassination Squad

  • Contains: 1x Veteran Decanus, 1x Vexillarius, x2 Prime Legionaries = 306 caps
  • Perks to all: Blitz, Ninja, Travel Light = 64 caps

Total: 370 caps

The Basic Assassination Squad is a fast paced close combat enthusiasts group, who can make some distance with the benefit of the travel light perk and Ninja perk. The blitz perk adds a nice benefit for the masters of close combat, on top of unit benefits like the Vexillarius’ green dice bonus.

This list is ideal for targets like the Minutemen, Survivors and NCR. Though I’d advise not using it if your going up against stronger foes like BoS, power armour units, Supermutants, Enclave and etc.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with another list to showcase at some point later this month.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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