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The Legion diaries: part 3

Over a month later my Legion collection got one last addition to complete the current range from Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

The Veteran Wave contains two mongrel hounds, one Vexillarius, one Hound Master and one Legion Scout. Enough variety as a small force or add to your core set to play games of FWW.

Now that I have all of the Legion sets, where to next?

Over the past few days I’ve been writing thematic lists based on in game encounters from Fallout: New Vegas and lore notes in the gaming guide book. I’ll be sharing this in a full post showcasing what options you can take and hombrew benefits your force will have in games of FWW.

On one final note a few days ago I played a short game using all of my Caesar’s Legion miniatures (except unique characters) against BoS. Despite the glaring thought that the Legion would be pasted very early on, only the Centurion was decimated by turn 2 by a Paladin Gatling laser! Did I mention that the Centurion was at full health too?

What I’ve observed in my game:

  • Legionary recruits are great for objective capturing
  • Prime Legionaries with Fire axes are pretty brutal, especially when a in range of a Vexillarius green dice bonus and a Centurion close combat bonus
  • Legion Hounds are great for getting rid of nuisances like Eyebots, make sure the Hound Master is close by to boost close combat skill

That’s all for now. Until next time.

-34th Tribe

One thought on “The Legion diaries: part 3

  1. These look great, mate! It was interesting to hear your thoughts on Caesar’s Legion in a tactical sense too. I appreciate all of the research and thought you put into your games! 🙂


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