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My WIP Turnip28 collection

I have some time now to show you some of my latest work in an ambitious side project challenge. Before I’m consumed again in my busy world of research and other project work that stops me being glued to social media (a blessing you may say! ;))

How the roots began

I got into Turnip28 only fairly recently, only been aware of I thanks to my long time blogging friend, Imperial Rebel Ork. He mentioned this unique hobby project he was working based on a recently popular new wargaming setting. If you haven’t heard of IRO on wordpress, let me sum him up in a single sentence: If an Ork Mek was trapped in a plastic miniature storage facility, he’d probably be more interested in building stuff than finding an escape.

But what is Turnip28? Well in short it’s a post apocalyptic setting roughly 1,000 years after Napelons defeat at the Battle of Austerlitz. The setting is now pretty much a very muddy and dreary place full of strange and regimental factions. It’s up to you to decide what your army should be based on the theme and setting of the game.

For example, I saw one Instagram user showcase a Samurai/Asian themed collection with roots and grass stuck on the miniatures. Another insta user sculpts their own unique horrors and soldiers as part of their collection.

All of this would eventually hook me to start my own Turnip28 project.

My project is solely based on using abandoned and disused miniatures as a means of building two main factions. No fresh miniatures added, second hand miniatures may be included too. For now I’ll be showing my first faction, The Imps of the Spire, a faction full of little mischievous horrors who like to wreck and s*** on anyone’s day if it can fulfil their bitter lives. They serve the Queen of Sugarbeat, the root lady who is rightly feared and loved and hated depending on whether you like eating sugar.

If an Imp lives for a long time and serves well, that Imp will be cocooned and vat pumped into a monstrositie, outfitted with a chimney engine and driver cockpit for an Imp to pilot. Basically a living flesh mech.

The second faction has yet to be ready for a showcase, but it’s not too far behind. Anyways, enjoy! 🙂

Imps of the Spire

That’s all for today. A big thanks to IRO for being part of this collaboration blog project! 🙂

You can check out his collaboration post at: .

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

4 thoughts on “My WIP Turnip28 collection

  1. Haha, that description of IRO is spot-on I have to say! Your Turnip minis look great as well. Its easy to see how inspired you are when you see minis like these. I look forward to seeing more in the near future! 🙂

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