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Growing an army of Turnip28

A New year means a new reason to get my unused/abandoned minatures a fresh start. The challenge was to get as much unused miniatures kitbashed and given a new purpose, a perfect way to learn new hobby skills, fun kitbashing times and go off the deepend building my collection. This is all thanks to the suggestion of the wise and often insane prothetic dreams of IRO, also known as Luke from The Fly on the Wall Podcast. He mentioned Turnip28 to me (I think on insta?) last year that’s basically a John Blanche inspired world of post apocalypse mixed with fantasy, Napoleonic and Tunrnips, lots and lots of Turnips.

With some thought I decided to do a some warbands set In the world of Turnip28 as two or three factions. One as as a fallen knightly order, second a Gelfling/Hobbit/Elves hybrid concept faction and third a rabble of good for nothing Imps with heads like Victorians with aristocratic mustaches. These are just conceptual starting points, and will evolve over the course of kitbashing painting and displaying my warband.

2022 has already gotten my hobby enthusiasm up to 6, so I’m keen to get into Turnip28 rules when I have the spare time to play. Right now I’m very much busy with loads of stuff so I can’t blog as much as I’d like to on every single update. However I’m fairly regularly posting on Instagram, which you can check my stuff on 34th_Tribe_of_the_Vault. It’s short form content but worth checking out for more of my hobby content.

My next post will be all about the Legion again! Since its the last kit in the current range I’ve yet to build, the Legion Veteran Wave will cap off my Legion project. I’ve also got some news on my next ambitious FWW series that will be coming up soon!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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