Fallout Wastelsnd Warfare Thematic lists: Supermutants part I

Ah something more brutal and adaptable to the ever dangerous Wasteland of post apocalypse America, the Supermutants need no flag or parade to state their intentions. But how would a basic warband under 500 caps in games of FWW look like as a thematic list?

Well, I’ve written a thematic list for just such a force like my previous thematic lists in the series. A very small gang of FEV abominations with perks that will give them a much needed reinforcements to whether most ranged attacks. Close combat against humans should be a cake to eat.

Basic warband

1x Brute and 3x Supermutants =287 caps

Perks: Blitz, Big leagues (Supermutant unit only), Impatient = 84 caps

Total= 371 caps

Roughly just enough caps left to upgrade your Supermutants with weapons and equipment for your Supermutants to be built as the brutal elites of the wastes.

That’s all for today. More themstic lists to come soon!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

Clan Moulder: my third revist of painting the faction

Clan Moulder collection

How to paint: Knights of Mousillon Stormhost

This was in the draft box for some time now, but it’s finally out at last!

Today I wanted to share a painting guide to one of my first Stormcast Eternals collection, going as far back as to 2015. This colour scheme went through some changes over the years from a pastel dark blue to a metallic blue armour colour. Even the name changed over time to the Knights of Mousillon.

‘Mousillon’ is actually a reference to a very old location in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, sourced all the way back in the 4th edition Bretonnia army book. Once a part of the realm of Bretonnia, ill fate and consequential had turned a once fair City of the realm into ruins seeped in evil by dark magic.

As a Stormhost of my creation I wanted to ensure it looked shelf worthy. It needed to look like an army that reflected the secrecy, mystery, coldness and noble aspects of their background.

Before we get started it’s well worth reading the lore to understand who the Knights of Mousillon are.

Stormhost lore

Those mortals who the God King, Sigmar, deemed worthy to be reforged into mighty champions of the Stormcast Eternals; are granted the power, wisdom and immortality to be forever at war against those that would desecrate the God Kings domain.

However, the Stormcast Eternals are not created as complete works of perfection from creation, for they are made imperfect due to the reforming process. Those who wear the host colours of the Knight of Mousillon are said to be shrouded in secrecy. They do not share much of their past life to their kin hosts, to an extent that such questions are immediately ignored. The Stormhost can at least be cooperative in the war room of Freecity Generals and Stormkeeps. In uncommon times certain individuals may be inclined to have a rational conversation, if it’s anything unrelated to themselves.

However, it cannot be denied that there is a foreboding sense of distrust by those who stand by these warriors. For while the Stormhost is as glorious in battle as it’s kin hosts, and it’s fealty to Sigmar unbroken and strong. One can only feel something unnatural when in the aura of such immortals.

Only a few godlike individuals and entites know the true meaning behind the Stormhosts mystery. Such as the god of death, Nagash, who observed these ‘stolen souls’ through the eyes and sockets of his undead warriors. He saw these Stormcast Eternals souls wrapped in the taint of death in form of a coiling green serpent. The meaning is obscure to Necromancers and Soulblight Lords, but Nagash knows all too well what this symbolism means.

Mousillon is like a weight of the dead, of the diseased and of cruelty inflicted upon innocent mortals like an echo of a time long since forgotten. Though to Freecity mortals they see the name as vengeance, justice, vindication and honour.

Why Sigmar in his wisdom and noble heart would craft such a Stormhost is unknown. All that can be certain is that the Knights of Mousillon have a duty to hunt down traitors, secret cults, conspirators and turncoat Freecities of Azyr. They’ve made a reputation for themselves for being Sigmar’s judges who take no prisoners alive when the deed is done.

“Alvrus Fendraleson, your crimes of plotting to kill the council of Dolkelven for your own agenda is foiled. You will not find salvation in Azyr or in any realm. The afterlife for you will be judged by the Lord of Death. May he grant you a just sentence”.

Lord Relictor of the Knights of Mousillon

Painting the Knights of Mousillon


  • Undercoat the model in matt black spray primer
  • Basecoat the model in Ultramarine blue
  • Shade Druchi violet
  • Drybrush Ultramarine blue
  • Lightly drybrush 1:2 mix of acrylic matt white and Ultramarine blue
  • Layer raised areas in Greenstuff World metallic blue
  • Lightly highlighted in Greenstuff World metallic silver.


  • Basecoat Leadbelcher silver
  • Shade Nightshade blue
  • Highlight Greenstuff World silver

Brown leather

  • MC matt brown basecoat
  • Shade reikland fleshshade
  • Highlight matters brown

Green tabard

  • Basecoat MC refractive Green
  • Shade reikland fleshshade
  • Mix 1:2 MC matt white and MC Refractive Green as a highlight

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

Thematic list of the Wasteland: BoS part I

Today’s post will be covering the basic squad in the Brotherhood of Steel in games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare. In the lore BoS patrol squads are most commonly seen by outsiders in the Wasteland, searching for technology to retrieve or confiscate back into their bunker HQ. Whether it be from the West Coast, Midwest or East Coast chapter of the Brotherhood, this thematic list will suit any setting for the basic level group.

All Cap costs in the thematic list for playing BoS in Fallout Wasteland Warfare are based on the current version of the rules as of publishing this post.

Basic Brotherhood patrol squad

  • 1x Knight in T-45 Power Armour
  • 2x Knight Patrol (Blade)
  • 1x Eyebot
  • 1x Field Scribe

Total: 346 Caps

Perks: Concentrated Fire, Hacker, Hit the Deck, Medic (Field Scribe only) [no perks applied to Eyebot]

Total: 77 Caps

Total cost: 423 Caps

Just shy of the 500 cap limit, this list has a cast of units with specialities suited to the challanges of the Wasteland. Need to access a terminal? Need to patch up wounds for your squad? Need firepower when things get rough? This list is just for you.

Rather than relyong on just power armoured units, this list balance is based on encouraging players to utilise a range of units. Having one squad member in power armour not only creates a challenge for your foes but also for yourself when making decisions in game.

You’ll notice that there aren’t any Paladins I this list when usually a Paladin leads at the head of such groups. Since my other lists have Paladins as the leader of the gang, I’ve opted for just a Knight who I’d imagine would be a high ranking Sergeant or even Captain.

Have fun with this one, and send me feedback on how well this BoS formation played out in your games. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my Caesar’s Legion thematic list part I post for more information on how to use thematic lists!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

TTCombat Wild West settlment Mojave/Arizona: Fallout New Vegas scenery

Weeks ago I purchased a Wild west bundle from TTcombat for my Fallout Wasteland Warfare tabletop. As a Wild West settlement it can be used for places like Goodsprings, BonnieSprings or even a ghost town.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

My WIP Turnip28 collection

I have some time now to show you some of my latest work in an ambitious side project challenge. Before I’m consumed again in my busy world of research and other project work that stops me being glued to social media (a blessing you may say! ;))

How the roots began

I got into Turnip28 only fairly recently, only been aware of I thanks to my long time blogging friend, Imperial Rebel Ork. He mentioned this unique hobby project he was working based on a recently popular new wargaming setting. If you haven’t heard of IRO on wordpress, let me sum him up in a single sentence: If an Ork Mek was trapped in a plastic miniature storage facility, he’d probably be more interested in building stuff than finding an escape.

But what is Turnip28? Well in short it’s a post apocalyptic setting roughly 1,000 years after Napelons defeat at the Battle of Austerlitz. The setting is now pretty much a very muddy and dreary place full of strange and regimental factions. It’s up to you to decide what your army should be based on the theme and setting of the game.

For example, I saw one Instagram user showcase a Samurai/Asian themed collection with roots and grass stuck on the miniatures. Another insta user sculpts their own unique horrors and soldiers as part of their collection.

All of this would eventually hook me to start my own Turnip28 project.

My project is solely based on using abandoned and disused miniatures as a means of building two main factions. No fresh miniatures added, second hand miniatures may be included too. For now I’ll be showing my first faction, The Imps of the Spire, a faction full of little mischievous horrors who like to wreck and s*** on anyone’s day if it can fulfil their bitter lives. They serve the Queen of Sugarbeat, the root lady who is rightly feared and loved and hated depending on whether you like eating sugar.

If an Imp lives for a long time and serves well, that Imp will be cocooned and vat pumped into a monstrositie, outfitted with a chimney engine and driver cockpit for an Imp to pilot. Basically a living flesh mech.

The second faction has yet to be ready for a showcase, but it’s not too far behind. Anyways, enjoy! 🙂

Imps of the Spire

That’s all for today. A big thanks to IRO for being part of this collaboration blog project! 🙂

You can check out his collaboration post at: https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/ .

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

Thematic list of the Wasteland: Ceaser’s Legion I

I mentioned in my last post how I’d made some army lists for Caesar’s Legion in games of FWW. I did several faction lists based on information and sources in the video game to help me create lore friendly and fun gangs to play instantly.

These lists are based on thematic squads as seen in the Fallout series, from tent squads, BOS Patrols, NCR squads and Super Mutant hunting warband. Most of the these themed lists can be used with both the Core and expansion sets.

Today’s list will be focusing on the Basic Assassination Squad, who seek out targets that have caused some nuisances to the Legion. Whilst their target may not be highly dangerous nor pose a significant risk to Legion operations, such distractions could cause complications. The Assassination squad intimidate their targets into submission without force as the pleasant and least messy option. However, should compliance be ignored the squad will have no quarrels in dispensing close combat engagement.

Before we go further, I want to explain how thematic lists work and the hombrew rules that applies to using them in your games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Essentially thematic list rules are:

  • Each thematic list is a set of units as part of a themed formation like a patrol squad or a compact group of elite soldiers. You pay the same cost as you would building a gang with caps. The lists cover the cost of the units and their basic default eqquiped weapons.
  • If you choose a thematic list you’ll have the choice of either using them without the set perk costs or spend caps for both the formation and perks. Limitations still apply if you don’t take these perks.
  • You may not include anymore units, even existing units within the thematic list cannot be increased in numbers.
  • You may spend caps on weapons ranged and melee, armour, clothing, throwing weapons, power armour, food and drink, mods and other items.
  • You cannot spend caps on perks; only those on the themed list.
  • You may spend caps on Heroic
  • You can spend caps on any Leader cards for your gang leader. I’ve left Leader cards out of thematic lists as it gives players freedom to customise how they want their leaders to act.
  • For picking extra items to spend caps on, you can pick from the faction list that is limited on what type of weapons and items that faction can pick [Note: This list will be featured at some point in the future, for now, you can choose what would suitably fit your factions preference to warfare].
  • When setting cap limit for thematic lists you may find that the combined basic cost and perk costs combined won’t exactly reach a complete total. This is so you can spend spare caps to pay for additional equipment, for eg: a 567 cap thematic list could have a 33 spare cap pool or a 433 spare cap pool. Discuss this with your opponent to agree on what your total cap limit should be.

Now that all explained, let’s get into the first list! The following is as of releasing this post is the current cap cost. You can find out the updated cap cost on units, weapons and perks Modiphius’ downloads on their website, or the companion Fallout Wasteland Warfare app.

Basic Assassination Squad

  • Contains: 1x Veteran Decanus, 1x Vexillarius, x2 Prime Legionaries = 306 caps
  • Perks to all: Blitz, Ninja, Travel Light = 64 caps

Total: 370 caps

The Basic Assassination Squad is a fast paced close combat enthusiasts group, who can make some distance with the benefit of the travel light perk and Ninja perk. The blitz perk adds a nice benefit for the masters of close combat, on top of unit benefits like the Vexillarius’ green dice bonus.

This list is ideal for targets like the Minutemen, Survivors and NCR. Though I’d advise not using it if your going up against stronger foes like BoS, power armour units, Supermutants, Enclave and etc.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back with another list to showcase at some point later this month.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

The Legion diaries: part 3

Over a month later my Legion collection got one last addition to complete the current range from Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

The Veteran Wave contains two mongrel hounds, one Vexillarius, one Hound Master and one Legion Scout. Enough variety as a small force or add to your core set to play games of FWW.

Now that I have all of the Legion sets, where to next?

Over the past few days I’ve been writing thematic lists based on in game encounters from Fallout: New Vegas and lore notes in the gaming guide book. I’ll be sharing this in a full post showcasing what options you can take and hombrew benefits your force will have in games of FWW.

On one final note a few days ago I played a short game using all of my Caesar’s Legion miniatures (except unique characters) against BoS. Despite the glaring thought that the Legion would be pasted very early on, only the Centurion was decimated by turn 2 by a Paladin Gatling laser! Did I mention that the Centurion was at full health too?

What I’ve observed in my game:

  • Legionary recruits are great for objective capturing
  • Prime Legionaries with Fire axes are pretty brutal, especially when a in range of a Vexillarius green dice bonus and a Centurion close combat bonus
  • Legion Hounds are great for getting rid of nuisances like Eyebots, make sure the Hound Master is close by to boost close combat skill

That’s all for now. Until next time.

-34th Tribe

Growing an army of Turnip28

A New year means a new reason to get my unused/abandoned minatures a fresh start. The challenge was to get as much unused miniatures kitbashed and given a new purpose, a perfect way to learn new hobby skills, fun kitbashing times and go off the deepend building my collection. This is all thanks to the suggestion of the wise and often insane prothetic dreams of IRO, also known as Luke from The Fly on the Wall Podcast. He mentioned Turnip28 to me (I think on insta?) last year that’s basically a John Blanche inspired world of post apocalypse mixed with fantasy, Napoleonic and Tunrnips, lots and lots of Turnips.

With some thought I decided to do a some warbands set In the world of Turnip28 as two or three factions. One as as a fallen knightly order, second a Gelfling/Hobbit/Elves hybrid concept faction and third a rabble of good for nothing Imps with heads like Victorians with aristocratic mustaches. These are just conceptual starting points, and will evolve over the course of kitbashing painting and displaying my warband.

2022 has already gotten my hobby enthusiasm up to 6, so I’m keen to get into Turnip28 rules when I have the spare time to play. Right now I’m very much busy with loads of stuff so I can’t blog as much as I’d like to on every single update. However I’m fairly regularly posting on Instagram, which you can check my stuff on 34th_Tribe_of_the_Vault. It’s short form content but worth checking out for more of my hobby content.

My next post will be all about the Legion again! Since its the last kit in the current range I’ve yet to build, the Legion Veteran Wave will cap off my Legion project. I’ve also got some news on my next ambitious FWW series that will be coming up soon!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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