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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Map Campaign: Squad Labradorite Operation 1 the full story

The ongoing quest for redemption in the vastness of the Mojave Wasteland, Knight Casey, recently exiled Brotherhood of Steel Knight, must prove her worth by completing several missions in order to reclaim her rights to return to live at the Hidden Valley Bunker. A test of bravery, skill, honour, strength, determination and sacrifice in order to redeem her past transgression of failure.

She isn’t the only one to go on this quest, Squad Labradorite comprises of an Eyebot, a Scribe named Welton, an Elijah sympathiser and progressive of advancing the needs of society for a better tomorrow. Wells, a Scout who was exiled for attempting to murder a fellow scout over a disagreement that result in a bloody brawl. Falk, also a scout who’s exile is a mystery save for the Elder.

Their first mission was to seek out the Super Mutant infested Black Mountain and observer from a distance notable strategic points of interest and how to exploit it for an operational raid into this fortified camp. A mission that would test Squad Labradorite as they faced one of their first Nemesis, the Veteran warrior Super Mutant Master, Henrikson.

The full story for part 1 can be read here:

Operation 2 will be published not too long from now.


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