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Blogging 2023

Ah yes I have a blog and haven’t posted in quite some time!

Let’s change that.

This year there are quite a few changes and new things that are in effect. For one, I don’t buy as much miniatures as I used to. My focus is to play more games, create stories and really grasp how best to craft an engaging campaign. You’ll be reading “campaign” a lot going forwards this year…

WordPress is an entirely different subject. Because it’s a much smaller audience wise, I can post content that more or less interests my followers. I don’t expect any growth on this site, not since I’ve seen quite a few bloggers leave the site for a few years now.

The way I see it, blogging on WordPress is for the niche inner circle of groups who support each other. Though few in numbers, you’ll genuinely have better community experience.

I post here for the few rather than the many. I know that whatever I post will at least interest most of my followers. Since moving my fan made FWW projects to the Modiphius Forums, I haven’t really thought about what my blog should be doing. Cursed City didn’t pan out well for me, and to be honest, I’m not enthusiastic enough to try another attempt at playing it.

But instead of complaining all the way through this post, what now?

I’d like to post semi regularly if I can, as WordPress is basically where I first started joining the online hobby community.

Part of my goal for his year is to make a series if interviews with like minded hobbyists. I think this kind of content would not only help me engage more with the community and see another perspective, but also let hobbyists share their story and mindset into their hobby.

Rebasing Khorne collection for AoS.

I’m currently working on a few things behind the scenes that have taken much of my spare time. For one I’m working on my AoS map campaign set in Hallost, much work is still to be done as I’m getting my research work done. This has inspired me to get all my AoS collections out of the dusty storage and getting them played in games for once.

WIP Fan made map of Hallost for my AoS Hallost map campaign.

This will be a solo campaign, so much of the game play and lore needs a bit more effort on my part. Though like FWW, it’ll be an interesting experience.

Speaking of FWW, I’m currently playing my latest campaign playing as the BoS Mojave Chapter. I’ve recently posted a full PDF story covering part 1 of my map campaign series on the Modiphius Forums.

However, for those who don’t follow the Modiphius Forums I’ve attached the PDF versions of part 1 below.

My current progress involves dealing with a Deathclaw that will permanently kill one of my characters in the campaign. I love the randomness of my fan made map campaign rules, when I needed sanctuary, I get a unstoppable murder machine instead!

I’m planning to make a new update to my fan made map campaign rules at some point in the next couple of weeks. Just to iron out some rules and make some visual changes to the PDF theme.

From my BoS map campaign story.

I think that will be all for today.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe


One thought on “Blogging 2023

  1. Your plans sound good to me and I’m glad you’ll be blogging more in the future. I always feel like I miss things that people post on Instagram because I don’t check it every day.

    I’ll curious to see your hobbyist interviews. I think it sounds like a really cool and fun idea. I think we underrate how interesting this type of thing can be in blogs and articles and its probably something our community should do more of.

    Liked by 1 person

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