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Thematic list of the Mojave Wasteland: NCR and Caesar’s Legion

Welcome back to another Fallout Wasteland Warfare Thematic list post, or should I say a new and reworked way?

Rather than just posting suggestion list formations in many parts, I’ve gone back over my notes, made some alterations and improved on what I had planned out to create faction based PDF format. Designed for both lore enthusiasts wanting to build a gang with lore appropriate gear, and for those who want simple straight forward suggestion of what can be taken for the faction.

Have you ever wanted to build a gang of Frumentarii spies who are infiltrating into NCR territory? Or maybe you want to include allied tribes into your gang? I’ve included some creative liberties to give these thematic lists a variety of uses depending on the setting and situation a player might want to use such units for. These supplemental rules will give you not only models that are already playable in the official wargame, but also new substitution units that you can play with some modification.

Below is a Q&A section on how the PDF work and what you need to know before using it in your games.

How do I use this?

The PDF will explain what a Thematic List is and how to use it. It’s essentially split in to two sections:

1) A faction list of units with options that can be taken, designed to let anyone play lore friendly gangs on the tabletop. So no T-60 power armoured Centurion! I’ve left the points our from the faction list as they tend to change from errata updates.

2) Thematic lists designed for quick and convinent lore friendly gang army roster that can be taken as written, or include extra weapons, perks and Leader cards. However, if you choose to play one of these pre made gangs you cannot increase the unit numbers or add new units.

What if I want to include items not listed as an option for a unit in the faction list?

You may choose to include items not on the list, though the list is recommended to follow if your a lore enthusiast. I’ve based the faction list from sources including the Fallout New Vegas statergy guide book, the video game and Fallout Wasteland Warfare default AI cards.

If your playing 1vAI games, you can customise how you wish with equipping your gang. You can do so anyway against an opponent in games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare, as the official rules by Modiphius are much more open for customisation.

These PDF rules are designed for lore enthusiast who want to truly play wargames as close to Fallout New Vegas setting.

You can however pick any Perk and Leader cards for your gang to customise to your play style.

Why are the Thematic lists cap costed?

I mentioned earlier about errata cap cost changes for the game changing, though when it came to these lists, I wanted to give them a cap cost since they’re specific curated list that’s static (but you may add additional options to your play style).

Why aren’t there Leader and Perk cards included?

In both sections I’ve left them out for you to choose how you want to customise the way your gang plays. I had originally intended to include these cards based on how each faction functions in battle. However, it would limit the creativity and uniqness of players choice to choose how to play their gang.

You may choose to make your NCR gang prioritise stealth approach using range awareness limitation or longer movement range. Alternatively, your gang are Veteran soldiers with years of refining and disciplining as soldiers, maybe improved shooting and cover perks would suit your style.

Whilst it’s not mentioned on the PDF, you can choose whatever perks and Leader cards you like, though you may want to discuss this with an opponent if your both using the faction PDF.

Is the PDF official?

No, it is a free fan made supplement to be used and shared with the Fallout Wasteland Warfare community. The PDf are not endorsed nor officially supported by Modiphius Entertainment and Bethesda Games Studios.

Can I use these in a Campaign and Settlement Mode?

Yes, unless it’s a group gaming session you’ll need to ask the organiser if they’ll allow it in their campagin.

Where can I download the Thematic list PDF?

You can download them here on this page, for NCR and Legion copies. Other factions will recive their own versions in future.

With that, I’m off to take a break after days of making these PDF supplements in my spare time. More will come very soon, so keep a loom out on my blog for new updates.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

3 thoughts on “Thematic list of the Mojave Wasteland: NCR and Caesar’s Legion

  1. I love the idea of thematic lists! I do tend to pick minis that way as I’m playing solo and just want a fun and thematic game. Unfortunately, I don’t know the New Vegas minis at all or I’d comment further on your list. From what I do know, you’ve captured the feel of the game well and I’m excited to see more lists like this as you get around to them. Have you ever tried posting anything you create with on Modiphius’s forums? I would say they are moderately active and I think it could be a great way to get some more eyes on your content.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! 😀

      I think it’s got the format of what Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40k wargamers would recognise when making a warband. It makes organising faction decks or app list building much more straightforward and in keeping with the video games. I know at one point Modiphius attempted to do this with a PDF of tournament style list building with limitations, though I’ve only found the original version with Wave 1.

      Currently I’m working on the Super Mutants and BoS lists, along with smaller lists to be made. I plan to make factions that were featured in multiple games (like BoS) include several faction lists based on each videogame. So rather than just one table block, they’ll be several for each videogame in the series (Fallout Tactics and Fallout 76 uncertain as the former I’m not too aware of and the latter not being my cup nof tea).

      As for Modiphius forum, I’ll give it a look and possibly join in on. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds like a great plan on future lists and I’ll be watching with interest. Hopefully the Modiphius forum is fun for you as well. Even though I have another project on the go, I’m trying to get some more Fallout terrain done too so I can get another game in soon. Our conversations both here and Instagram got me interested in it again 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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