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Wasteland Encounters senarios

Do you sometimes wish your games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare had a twist in a campaign tree? An in-between mini story that creates a challange or an added reward for the journey ahead?

Let me introduce: Wasteland Encounters.

A fan made project inspired by Fallout 3 random encounters (the basis of this event set as I took inspiration from the game and turned a few of them into tabletop rules!) Wasteland Encounters is designed to make Settlement mode and campaign tree games extra fun. What if after your first battle you come across a rare and powerful Alien Blaster to keep? Or maybe you come across a band of cannibal settlers who give you some mysterious meat?

How dose this work in your games of FWW? Unlike the event cards you play in games where you flip over a token, Wasteland Encounters are played after your previous game and before your next game (I call these major battles for simplicity of explaining the terms of game types). In Settlement mode you do this after you finish your Settlement phase and before you go on to your next battle.

You then roll to see whether or not you activate an Event or not (If not then you preceed to the next major battle), if you rolll an Event, you then roll a D20 to see what it is.

When Sub battle locations are mentioned, it means you’ll be playing on a table board half the size of your current table board size. This will act as a mini location as you journey onto your next major battle.

What will you need to use Wasteland Events?

In order to play, all you’ll need is the following:

  • A Wasteland deck including item cards, creatures cards, stranger cards and event cards.
  • Enemy unit and AI cards, you may replace an enemy faction to one that fits the theme of your Fallout location. You’ll need Survivors, Supermutants, Raiders, Creatures and Robots cards with their default equipment.
  • A D4/D6 and D20.

Here’s the download link to the PDF:

You’ll notice that the event roll mentions ‘set 1’, this is so that I can make 20 events per set (that’s why you need a D20!). If its popular, I’ll plan to make more sets very soon, possibly themed sets like The Pitt, The Commonwealth, New Vegas, The Capital Wasteland and even mentioned places like Arizona or undiscovered locations like Texas.

Right now though, I’m interested to see how the community feels about this event set. If it’s popular I’ll get to work on more! If less so then at least there’s something for your narrative gaming!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

Note: this is a fan made project and is not an official PDF. It is not endorsed nor sponsored by Modiphius Entertainment nor the IP owners at Bethesda Games Studio and Microsoft. No profit was made on this PDF and is soley for sharing with the Fallout Wasteland Warfare community.

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