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Unique fan made character unit cards for Fallout Wasteland Warfare

If you’ve been following my Instagram stuff for awhile now, then you’ll know about my side project on making unique character cards based on kitbashed and alternative painting scheme. Like evey project I announce it, and then it gets delayed or put aside for several months. Well now the time has come to give you, the FWW community, the chance to print and play two unique fan made rules!

To keep things simple (because editing these cards wasn’t easy) I’ve done two leader characters including: one Minutemen Sergeant and a fan made unit card for Burnt Guy, based on the popular Fallout: New Vegas character in a YouTube mod series by Wilbugur.

I won’t be doing regular updates on these cards, so don’t expect a sudden alteration to the stats. These are merely for narrative purposes on the tabletop. But with enough feedback I’ll fix what I can. šŸ™‚

Want to play more fan made unit cards? Let me know I the comment section and I’ll get back into creating more. I don’t take commission nor requests, so long as my content doesn’t conflict with Modiphius Entertainments existing unit cards, then all (might) be well.

Download here:

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

One thought on “Unique fan made character unit cards for Fallout Wasteland Warfare

  1. These are a really cool idea, mate! If I can think of any requests, I’ll definitely send them your way. Modiphius has released a lot of stuff so it isn’t easy to come up with something off the top of your head!

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