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Unofficial Halo Reach miniatures part 1

If you’ve ever played Halo: Reach on either the Xbox 360 or MCC, you’ll be familiar with Noble Team. On the surface they may seem one dimensional as characters with very little screen time for development in the game, however, it’s only when you play a second time that you notice a far more compelling group of individuals.

After finishing off my Alpha Nine ODST squad, I took some time off to focus on other projects. A good thing in hindsight as a week ago I’d found some interesting new miniatures in the store.

Specifically Reach miniatures of Carter and Emile.

When I got these a few days later and checked the sculpts for quality checks, pff, I couldn’t belive just how detailed they were. I thought the 3d printed ODST miniatures were top notch work, but the Spartan miniatures was a step above. Hardly any visible print ridge lines or mould support holes. What’s more the miniatures were nearly 100% near look alike to the characters right down to the details!

As you can see, the wonders of 3d printing in form of two Spartans. It still draws my attention whenever I check my miniature shelf at the sheer details. I knew it was worth grabbing them!

As for the rest of Noble Team only Jun is up for sale currently. Though hopefully in time the rest will be on sale soon, by then I’ll have all of Noble team on display along with Alpha Nine.

I’ll be sure to show more unofficial Halo miniatures very soon. Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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