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The Horus Heresy: Not the expected outcome

The epilogue post, one that would’ve continued the subject of the Beakies debate and expand the subject matter across all of The Horus Heresy IP history. I had hoped that after the last posts reception and interest from here and on Instagram, that I might collect the information I needed to produce a post wrapping up the subject. Gathering all the facts, opinions and fully understand the wider picture.

Sadly this isn’t the case, whilst efforts were made to spread my previous post on the subject, thanks to Leaky Cheese for kindly sharing it on his platform, as well as my attempts to spread the word on Instagram for any HH enthusiasts to take part. Sadly no one sent me feedback, I only received a reply from The Outer Circle when I had DM them.

Where to go from here?

I could’ve decided to just let the subject go and move on. Maybe it’s not worth the effort. Enjoy my rambling as I somewhat try to wrap up the subject.

What is the right source? If RT is not canon then fair enough, if Beakies shown in the Index Astartes is a retcon, then wheres the text proof? I say this as the Index Astartes was the basis of the deeper foundations to the Horus Heresy lore, very much the inspiration for the Horus Heresy Novel series. Whilst The Horus Heresy Black Books were the definitive sources for the Horus Heresy, it was way after IA and HH Black Library books featuring MKVI. If someone can provide me a statement within the lore that 100% says beakies were late Heresy/ Scouring, pre Black Book lore, then I’ll thank you for providing me proof that those HH covers featuring Beakies and the Index Astartes artwork of MKVI are retcons.

I hear that a certain group uses logistical common sense when viewing the Horus Heresy setting. Yet such basis of information must either rely on factual evidence or contrived fan fiction. You either present evidence by source reference or you just seem vague and clearly biased on your own head canon.

As for Rogue Trader, it was and rightly so a 40k centric system from a long lost time, much of it’s lore hardly recognised by newer generations to the hobby. Though one error I’ve seen many arguments on RT is that RT was not where The Horus Heresy first appeared. It was in fact mentioned in Chapter Approved in a very brief but fundamentally important piece of 40k history.

Generally from what I’ve seen many, many post hobbyists see RT as no longer canon even though it was the original canon. Anything from RT, Chapter Approved, The Horus Heresy Board game and the original AT are of the old original setting.

If you asked me where the middle ground is that suggests MK VI was used in limited quantities in the Legionaries Astartes? The Index Astartes articles and The Black Library Books suggests that Beakies were clearly in the final phase of becoming the latest armour mark in production.

What about the galaxy itself? Weren’t areas during the Heresy blocked like Ruinstorm, meaning Legions like the Blood Angel’s, Ultramarine, Dark Angels and Word Bearers would be unlikely to receive such power armour supplies? True, it wouldn’t make sense for logistical reasons for such Legionaries at that time to have fresh supplies of new armour.

But my two counter arguments to this point would be:

  • They could have been using a certain portion of MKVI before the Heresy began for testing, therefore you could argue that such scarce supplies and latestest modern equipment was reserved for elite operations during the Heresy. Why waste such equipment on the mass battlefield when such armour could be used in sophisticated operations. Or even acquired in raids by opposing sides?
  • Alternatively, anything East of the Ruinstorm would be impossible to supply. But remember, the Legions weren’t always fixed to where their Primarch would go. In the HH book The Vengeful Spirit, by Graham McNeill, The world of Molech would station both the Blood Angel’s and Ultramarines, both portions were part of the gargantuan defensive force stationed on the Knight world for the Emperor’s great secret. As part of the Sol system, this world would certainly be equipped with MKVI in the final stages of testing, or even a full squad or two equipped with that mark of armour perhaps?

These are just my assumptions from what sources I’ve read that could be dissmisse as pure head canon.

The Outer Circle has done many YouTube videos on the subject of The Horus Heresy, several In fact on the upcoming HH2.0. Whether you dislike him personally or not is not the focus of this post, rather his opinions and his evidence. I don’t personally have a grudge on the team, they were helpful when I asked for their feedback to my previous post on the subject. However, for the first time for awhile I’m very much on the opposite side when it comes to the Beakies debate.

I’d like to provide links to some of TOC videos, so you get to see his side of the subject and see where my points addressing his statements are based on.

What broke the fans: The Horus Heresy Black Books

40k Fans: Meet 30k Gatekeeping

The Mediocrity of Adepticon Horus Heresy Reveals

Listen and stop misrepresenting the content, please

Calm down about Mark VI, there are reasons why it doesn’t fit (but you can still enjoy it)

Rambling about Beakies

I had considered doing a counter debate on here to the points TOC made on the subject, but I’ve already delayed this post for some time now. However, if TOC would like a discussion on this subject in DM or Q&A on the subject, I’d be more than happy to take part.

Maybe this whole MK VI was intentionally done as an insert historical debate drama, made by GW to make the Horus Heresy be a historical setting as though it was actually a historical setting. Very much like the debates that forever go on and on about conflicting information and sources on WWI.

That’s all for today. Now that I’ve put MKVI behind me for now, I’ll be getting back into posting more hobby posts that I enjoy. Expect another Fallout Wasteland Warfare Thematic list post coming soon.

-34th Tribe

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