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Unofficial Halo ODST Miniatures

Today is a very special post that I hope will start something that will last for some time. After returning to the Halo universe immersing myself in the lore, books and seeing the current goings on with the community, I wanted to see if there were any miniature wargaming content for Halo.

Seeing as there weren’t any official miniatures I checked out 3rd party products. I just so happend to have found an etsy seller who makes 3d printed miniatures. I’ve never tried etsy before and purchased products on the site, but I took the chance and ordered my first batch of unofficial ODST miniatures.

When I got my delivery, I was surprised at the results…

These 3d printed miniatures were better than my expectations, and almost perfect scale of the in game models in ODST, made with a plastic sculpt that required no cleaning to paint.

However, there were two flaws that I noticed. The first being that a few helmets had a slight hole on top, likely where the casting was attached. This can be solved using Miliput putty to fill in the gap. The second issue was the casting itself as ridges can be seen on the Rocket Launchet marines top helmet, and the itself. I couldn’t fix this unless I had some fine sandpaper and a lot of patience.

Despite the flaws, I was overall impressed with these miniatures. The next step was to paint them to fully bring to life one of my favourite teams in the Halo canon, Alpha Nine.

Alongside these I’ve recently done Buck and Dutch to complete the full squad.

Overal as my first venture into independent 3d seller market I’m very impressed with the quality and design of thr miniatures. Each one captures a nearly true like for like design of the in game models with as much detail as possible.

The final group shot of Alpha Nine is worth the hobbyin effort 👌.

Alpha Nine led by Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck and his team including Dutch, Romeo, The Rookie and Mikey.

There’s not just ODST miniatures, there’s also a variety of Spartan miniatures too, I’m considering getting a few for the collection. I think I’ll be on the Halo 3d printing for awhile!

Thank you for reading this post. I’d like to know your thoughts and experience trying out 3d printed products. Do you prefer independent 3d printing seller over mainstream companies of wargaming miniatures?

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

7 thoughts on “Unofficial Halo ODST Miniatures

  1. These look great, and I do love that you can get almost anything 3D printed now, I had no idea there where Halo models out there.
    I done a couple of 3D models from “we print miniatures” both where nice to paint but one had more mold lines than the other.

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    1. Thanks! 🙂

      It’s great to see the 3D printing opportunities of many iconic settings brought to life. Especially now in times where mainstream miniature companies are increasing their prices beyond the average hobbyists budget.

      I’ve only found out about these Halo miniatures from searching the market, as I was curious to know if there were any. Etsy is the go to place for stuff like this.

      I read a few days ago that there is a Facebook group who are Halo wargaming based, and they’ve come up with STL files on Halo miniatures. I don’t have FB myself so I can’t say whether it’s a good community or not.

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  2. I’ve never printed anything so I can’t speak to that but these minis do look really nice and to my eyes, they fit right into the Halo universe too. Since you’ve been enjoying Halo a lot lately, I think this will be a great project for you and will keep you busy for quite a while as well 🙂

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