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Short opinion post: Halo New Blood

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting back into Halo after some years focusing on my Tabletop miniature hobby, starting with a whole play through of Halo:ODST campaign. The game is my all time favourite of the franchise for its workd building of New Mombosa with its apocalyptic vibe and an eerie sence of vulnerability. Even after a decade since I first bought this game it still holds up despite advances in gaming technology and visual developments.

Inspired by the game I got myself a copy of Halo: New Blood which continues the story left off from Halo: ODST. The story fills you in on what happens to Alpha 9 after the events of New Mombasa from the perspective of Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck. Not only dose this book explore his backstory before he enlisted into the UNSC, but also events that tie into Halo: ODST and pre Halo 4 timeline.

My advice when reading this book is to play the Halo: ODST soundtrack in the background to fully immerse yourself into this story. It wouldn’t be Halo without the brilliant composers of Marty and Michael who really created one of (I my personal opinion) one of the best soundtracks in the franchise. Just listening to Special Delivery hits me everytime.

Matt Forbeck did a fantastic job with this book which at first was jarring when the story jumps from present to past events to past events. Although this is explained within context of Buck recalling event in rapid change of subject. Apart from that and a certain ‘event’ that I wasn’t too happy with, the rest of the book was such a breeze to read through.

Is it worth reading? Yes, if your a Halo fan who played Halo: ODST and want to know more about what happens after the events of New Mombasa, you need to read this! πŸ˜€

I know this wasn’t wargamimg related, but I thought it would be interesting to try something different. If you enjoy posts like this and want to see more like it, let me know and I’ll start posting more! I’m waiting on my next book to read, Halo: Bad Blood, which continues story elements from New Blood.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

2 thoughts on “Short opinion post: Halo New Blood

  1. Definitely write about whatever you enjoy, mate! I try to do the same. Myself, I’ve played Halo only a tiny bit and I’m not great at FPS games so its a series that has passed me by. I know many people love it and its been around a long time now so I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it lately!

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