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Fallout Wastelsnd Warfare Thematic lists: Supermutants part I

Ah something more brutal and adaptable to the ever dangerous Wasteland of post apocalypse America, the Supermutants need no flag or parade to state their intentions. But how would a basic warband under 500 caps in games of FWW look like as a thematic list?

Well, I’ve written a thematic list for just such a force like my previous thematic lists in the series. A very small gang of FEV abominations with perks that will give them a much needed reinforcements to whether most ranged attacks. Close combat against humans should be a cake to eat.

Basic warband

1x Brute and 3x Supermutants =287 caps

Perks: Blitz, Big leagues (Supermutant unit only), Impatient = 84 caps

Total= 371 caps

Roughly just enough caps left to upgrade your Supermutants with weapons and equipment for your Supermutants to be built as the brutal elites of the wastes.

That’s all for today. More themstic lists to come soon!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

3 thoughts on “Fallout Wastelsnd Warfare Thematic lists: Supermutants part I

  1. This list looks like something I could play in the near future with the stuff I have painted already so I’m excited to see it. I need to get a game of Fallout in one of these days too so reading this has motivated me further to play! šŸ™‚

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