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How to paint: Knights of Mousillon Stormhost

This was in the draft box for some time now, but it’s finally out at last!

Today I wanted to share a painting guide to one of my first Stormcast Eternals collection, going as far back as to 2015. This colour scheme went through some changes over the years from a pastel dark blue to a metallic blue armour colour. Even the name changed over time to the Knights of Mousillon.

‘Mousillon’ is actually a reference to a very old location in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, sourced all the way back in the 4th edition Bretonnia army book. Once a part of the realm of Bretonnia, ill fate and consequential had turned a once fair City of the realm into ruins seeped in evil by dark magic.

As a Stormhost of my creation I wanted to ensure it looked shelf worthy. It needed to look like an army that reflected the secrecy, mystery, coldness and noble aspects of their background.

Before we get started it’s well worth reading the lore to understand who the Knights of Mousillon are.

Stormhost lore

Those mortals who the God King, Sigmar, deemed worthy to be reforged into mighty champions of the Stormcast Eternals; are granted the power, wisdom and immortality to be forever at war against those that would desecrate the God Kings domain.

However, the Stormcast Eternals are not created as complete works of perfection from creation, for they are made imperfect due to the reforming process. Those who wear the host colours of the Knight of Mousillon are said to be shrouded in secrecy. They do not share much of their past life to their kin hosts, to an extent that such questions are immediately ignored. The Stormhost can at least be cooperative in the war room of Freecity Generals and Stormkeeps. In uncommon times certain individuals may be inclined to have a rational conversation, if it’s anything unrelated to themselves.

However, it cannot be denied that there is a foreboding sense of distrust by those who stand by these warriors. For while the Stormhost is as glorious in battle as it’s kin hosts, and it’s fealty to Sigmar unbroken and strong. One can only feel something unnatural when in the aura of such immortals.

Only a few godlike individuals and entites know the true meaning behind the Stormhosts mystery. Such as the god of death, Nagash, who observed these ‘stolen souls’ through the eyes and sockets of his undead warriors. He saw these Stormcast Eternals souls wrapped in the taint of death in form of a coiling green serpent. The meaning is obscure to Necromancers and Soulblight Lords, but Nagash knows all too well what this symbolism means.

Mousillon is like a weight of the dead, of the diseased and of cruelty inflicted upon innocent mortals like an echo of a time long since forgotten. Though to Freecity mortals they see the name as vengeance, justice, vindication and honour.

Why Sigmar in his wisdom and noble heart would craft such a Stormhost is unknown. All that can be certain is that the Knights of Mousillon have a duty to hunt down traitors, secret cults, conspirators and turncoat Freecities of Azyr. They’ve made a reputation for themselves for being Sigmar’s judges who take no prisoners alive when the deed is done.

“Alvrus Fendraleson, your crimes of plotting to kill the council of Dolkelven for your own agenda is foiled. You will not find salvation in Azyr or in any realm. The afterlife for you will be judged by the Lord of Death. May he grant you a just sentence”.

Lord Relictor of the Knights of Mousillon

Painting the Knights of Mousillon


  • Undercoat the model in matt black spray primer
  • Basecoat the model in Ultramarine blue
  • Shade Druchi violet
  • Drybrush Ultramarine blue
  • Lightly drybrush 1:2 mix of acrylic matt white and Ultramarine blue
  • Layer raised areas in Greenstuff World metallic blue
  • Lightly highlighted in Greenstuff World metallic silver.


  • Basecoat Leadbelcher silver
  • Shade Nightshade blue
  • Highlight Greenstuff World silver

Brown leather

  • MC matt brown basecoat
  • Shade reikland fleshshade
  • Highlight matters brown

Green tabard

  • Basecoat MC refractive Green
  • Shade reikland fleshshade
  • Mix 1:2 MC matt white and MC Refractive Green as a highlight

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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