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The Legion diaries- part 1: Getting the Gang together

For December I had to make a decision on what that months project will be. A difficult choice from several factions and miniature company brands, even an idea of building both the White Legs and the Sorrows of Zion (substituting them as Legion units). Speaking of which, I came to the decision that I needed the thesis of Fallout: New Vegas, Caeser’s Legion.

The best place to start was the core set which includes a variety of miniatures as the core of the faction. I also got the Legion Command for narrative gaming opportunities like for example; Legate Lanius’s journey into Arizona decimating foes and absorbing the tribes into the Legion.

Only the fitest, smartest and cunning can be considered Caesar’s greatest warriors.

All that’s left from the current range is the Veteran expansion boxset. That’ll come a month or two down the line depending on what January’s project will be. If I go the Legion theme again, it’ll be one of my biggest faction collection and the complete range of all available units currently.

Building the kits was simple as usual with some cleaning of the resin to get rid of the solution. However, I’m not satisfied with the moulded bases needing cutting to get rid of the moulded tab. No matter how careful I am when cutting I get a slight chunk of base off. I’ve seen this with many other FWW content creators works, it’s a shame that this keeps happening to the bases considering how detailed they are. Whilst typing this post I’ve already got to 85% painting done, I’ll be elaborating on that subject in part 2.

The Legion cleaned, cut and built.

Next up is the painting post and how I decided my colour scheme for each type of unit miniature. A limited pallet of colours that equally make remarkable results.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

One thought on “The Legion diaries- part 1: Getting the Gang together

  1. I know what you mean about the bases! It drives me crazy too. I find that it helps to cut most of the tab off and then sand down that excess part. If you do that carefully, you end up with a pretty good looking base. There’s definitely an art to it though and I think Modiphius could fix this problem in the future, if they wanted to.

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