Fallout Wasteland Warfare hobby: Brotherhood of Steel #1

Recently on my Instagram I asked my followers to vote in a poll on which FWW faction I should work on next. Unsurprisingly, the Brotherhood of Steel won by a majority. However, rather than buying new kits for my West Coast side of my BoS collection, instead I focused on improving my current collection using paint thinner technique and other improvements.

From this I did the following:

  • Changed a character in T-45 to a BoS Knight with a silver armour paint and recess washes of surface rust and aged use.
  • Painted Knight Captain Cade sleeves grey to fit with his canonical appearance in Fallout 4.
  • Improved the appearance of my T-51 Knights and Paladin.

Plans going forward will be to find a set of T-45 power armour as Knights, maybe some bots as support specialists, a unit of Knight Patrol and a Scribe or two.

That’s all for today. Until next time,

-34th Tribe

5 thoughts on “Fallout Wasteland Warfare hobby: Brotherhood of Steel #1

  1. Nice work, mate! Brotherhood is popular with Fallout fans and I liked them too until Fallout 4. I think they’re actually my least favorite faction in Fallout 4. I’ve got some BoS minis kicking around that I need to get back to painting so I can field them in games one of these days now that I think about it…

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    1. I’ve heard mixed receptions for BoS in Fallout 4, I liked them in my first play through but very soon didn’t particularly like them on reflection. Although compared to the rest of the big factions in Fallout 4, their the most interesting, probably due to them being Bethesda’s poster faction.

      Best way to get BoS power armour done is matt black basecoat, with a drybrush of gunmetal and a sepia wash in the recesses. Its a quick batch process that gets the basics down. I tend to drybrush most of my miniatures as I’m too impatient and clumsy to do too much edge highlighting. 🙂

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      1. The good thing about Fallout 4 is there seems to be a faction for everyone and you can see good and bad in any of them so I’m not surprised to hear that you had a different reaction than me!

        I am a maniac and I paint everything in Fallout Non-Metallic Metal so it takes a long time to paint stuff like their armor. I think it looks nice and brings the world to life so that is why I don’t mind putting all the time and effort in 🙂 If not for that, I’d absolutely be doing what you’re describing as its way faster!

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      2. There are aspects of Fallout 4 I enjoy like the Minutmen pre current event, how they were the East Coast faction like that of the NCR. But I’m very much a New Vegas fan, despite its short development cycle, is all my all time favourite game in the franchise.

        I’ve never tried NMM which I should try out if I ever have the patience haha. Though I’ve seen fantastic work on miniatures done using the technique. If I recall from memory you painted a Lumineth Realmlord in NMM and blending technique? 🙂

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      3. New Vegas was a great game. I haven’t played it since it came out and I don’t remember a lot about it anymore truthfully (which is sad because I got all the trophies for it). I’d love to see them re-release it with better graphics one day though I don’t expect that will happen.

        NMM used to be really hard to learn but it is easier now with a fair amount of info about it on Youtube. So if you ever want to try, that would be a good place to learn more 🙂 I certainly did paint a Lumineth Realmlord. I actually haven’t used metallic paints in a couple of years now come to think of it. It took a few minis to understand NMM but its my preferred method now for better and worse!


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