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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode part 4

Welcome back to a new chapter in the ongoing story of Bonnie Springs Settlement mode story. After a tense finale in arc 1 ending I’m more questions than answers, arc 2 continues the story that will see the NCR Patrol tested to their limit. New enemies, old advisaries and a thrilling adventure out in the Mojave desert.

After recovering nearly all of the stockpile data at an old ruined Mr Handy factory, the patrol returned to Bonnie Springs to piece the data into a single copy with what they could recover. What was recovered was data relating to certain subjects named in vague operation code names like Sea Wall, Red Hammer and Assertion. The latter had huge implications that solved partly the mystery behind Harry’s relic weapon given in trade at Trading post 188. But the mystery as to the events surrounding the Kellnos weapon is but beyond reach to decipher…

Arc 2 begins

  • August 27th: Over a month has gone by since the recovery and discovery of the half complete data retrieval mission. From what information was gathered from the data, with research relating to the data thanks to the investigators work at Camp McCarron, some clarity can at least be made. But in his letter sent to Bonnie Springs Mayor, Philips, the matter was more dire for the town itself…

Joseph, the late mayor of Flynnstown who vanished ever since the massacre of the town by raiding Super Mutants, had been running the town for over 12 years. Before that his father was Mayor of the town until he passed away and position was handed down to his eldest son. Rather than a democratic vote by poll, the town’s Mayor is assigned by hereditary policy. Joseph had access to a hidden stockpile Vault that stored a WWII German anti-aircraft weapon, containing other antique items that were more than likely part of a museum exhibition in safe storage before the fallout. As far as records show there’s no ammunition for the weapon stored in the Vault, making it useless by todays standards. Only the NCR, in rare capacity, have the ammunition type in production for its own weapons. Unfortunately, the WWII weapon had long since been taken out of storage as part of a trade. The group who acquired the weapon go by the name of Princes Utopia, a militarised slaver gang with considerable numbers, equipment and power over a section of South New Vegas. Joseph may have made connections to the gang (suspected to be on the now corrupted data on subject Operation: Red Hammer) as part of a wider alliance. Although this is just speculation. Rumour has it that the Princes Utopia may have been remnants of the Enclave, or an entirely new faction out far east of the Mojave. As for the relic weapon, the Kellnos, thanks to Harry’s story from my investigation interview months ago, the data that you have uncovered I can reveal to you the matter of the consequences of this item in question. It once belonged to the Enclave out west as part of a scientific experiment (what for is unknown as the weapon doesn’t function like conventional firearms) until its disbanding after the oil rig base destruction. A band of Enclave soldiers and scientists went in hiding in the Mojave, carrying the Kellnos with them, led by an Enclave officer, Walton Flynn. I’m afraid that you may have now realised that not only was Flynnstown an Enclave settlement, but it’s council leaders and settlers could very well be conspiring traitors. I would advice you to immediately arrest those council members (of Flynnstown origin) and residents to be interrogated for signs of Enclave sympathy. I’ve sent a security force to aid you in this matter. I’m sorry this has happened to you old friend. Out of all the things that could go wrong for Bonnie Springs, the Enclave would be your worst nightmare. However, I hope you won’t see this as a repeat of what happened to you and your family on that day. The NCR will deal with this swift and surely to purge these monsters. Stay strong Philips.

A letter by F. Andrews, NCR investigator at Camp McCarron, 27th August, 2278.
  • September 3rd: Bonnie Springs faces its biggest internal investigation in its history as an NCR settlement. Philips, once he got the letter about the dark revelations behind Flynnstown, immediately ordered the patrol squad and guards loyal to the NCR to seize any individual who were from Flynnstown. Guards, store owners, farmers, families, traders and even council members were handcuffed and rounded up at the town. Runaways, and sympathisers to those who were hunted were branded immediate targets to be shot on sight. Of those interrogated 2/3 of townsfolk were considered suspicious, conspiring to help or openly aligned to the Enclave. These traitors were then taken by the arrival of the NCR security team who transported the traitors in caged carries pulled by brahmin. Because the numbers were higher than expected, several trips were made by the security team for two or so weeks.
  • 5th September: Kell the Hero memorial stone was covered in a black cloth to cover the burial spot. Protests for the remaining townsfolk declared this as unjust and wrongly slanderous. They belive Kell the dog, despite its masters origin, didn’t serve the Enclave. It was later discovered that Kell was part of an Enclave patrol kill squad who killed many innocent people, including the young and old. Sources for this information are as of yet not officially revealed nor proved factual.
  • 17th September: The NCR patrol squad was sent to guard a supply of ammunition to be transported East to the Hoover Dam. However, before the transfer could be made, a group of heavily armoured trespassers stormed the site to capture the ammunition supply. A fight ensued as these trespassers appeared in green military amour, led by a strange marked power armour not seen in the Mojave Wasteland. The NCR won the day with only two casualties, securing the ammunition in time for reinforcements to arrive. The enemy retreated back into the Wasteland, the origin is as mysterious as their goal. It later became apparent that these trespassers were infact Princes Utopia, the same group who aquired the relic weapon from the stockpile data…
  • 20th September: Tension in Bonnie Springs had lowered since the disastrous events over the Flynnstown uncovering. What remined of those citizens of Flynnstown who were deemed not guilty of conspiring, were less than civil towards the NCR. Their property’s were damaged, shops in need of repair, unpaid taxes growing with each missing deadline and even loved ones taken away for being proven guilty. The NCR turned their backs on them by insulting them, taking loved ones away and destroying everything they once knew. Even their hero, Kell, became a shame.

That’s all for today, part 5 should be coming out very soon!

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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