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Blue is luck, loot is always blue

Who likes Orks? Which colour do you like? What Clan do you follow? What if your wrong and in fact I’ve taken all of your vehicles, gubbins, loot, weapons and your Orkish pride by painting it all blue?

When a Deathskull enters the bar, he takes it all out.

This is my second Ork collection which splintered off from my Badmoons collection. As followed: A strong Warboss, a mechanised Big Mek, a group of Kommandos’, two Killa Kans, a Deff Dread, a looted wagon/speed freak vehicle and a Mek on a Warbike.

It’s a small but worthy lot of no gooders who are eager to do some looting, especially the other Clans…

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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