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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode part 3

Welcome back to the third and final installment of Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode story for arc 1. In this post the NCR Patrol of Bonnie Springs have drawn the line against the suspected group of a power armoured squad, who are stalking Harry in search of a powerful relic weapon. The beginning of Bonnie Springs first major war starts here…

  • May 19th: The plan was simple: take Harry and his cargo to his destined location with a bodyguard squad, who will travel the Mojave on safe roads. Harry will have the weapon on him so the hunters can see their prize is with the target, which they’ll have to engage the patrol lest they lose it forever when Harry is within heavily guarded NCR grounds. Once and for all the NCR Patrol squad will engage the pursuers in combat and safely escort Harry out of harm’s way towards safety. With that, the team all left Bonnie Springs as they travelled down the road towards Camp McCarron to their safe destination.
  • May 22nd: As the squad was halfway through their journey, they were ambushed by a Brotherhood of Steel patrol squad. Led by Paladin Jordan, he led his squad which included Field Scribe Malcom and Knight Tech Tarry. Scribe Malcom hardly got a chance to get a shot as Civilian Ranger Daniel fired his .357 magnum revolver at him with expertly timed shots to the head. The scribe dropped dead on the floor with several bullet wounds. Knight Tech Tarry had some luck as she inflicted punishing wounds to Daniel, but she was eventually killed by 1st Recon sniper Alistar after a long-drawn-out cover and fire rounds. Veteran Ranger Carlos and Trooper Ashely escorted Harry and his Brahmin across the battlefield but were intercepted by the Paladin. He was in combat with Daniel when he saw the target, so he broke combat and went charging into Harry at a short distance. Harry was in a bloody mess as the Paladin wounded him to the point of near death. However, as fate was on Harry’s side as Carlos, Ashley and Daniel charged into the Paladin. Daniel did the kill shot as he blew Jordans head off with his revolver. Harry was unconscious and badly wounded, so the team patched him as best they coulf and carried him the rest of the way towards Camp McCarron.
  • June 17th: After some time to rest as Harry was recovering in the hospital unit, Carlos and his team were preparing to leave the base to head back towards Bonnie Springs. However, it was uncovered that Ashely was addicted to painkillers and engaged in illegally letting Chem dealers bypass NCR territory, resulting her being arrested for addiction abuse, conspiring to working with chem dealers and breaking the code of the NCR. She was sent to be trialled in court and was never seen again. The team was given two new recruits to join them back to Bonnie Springs to put them at full strength. Harry soon recovered from his wounds and he was told to answer some questions by an investigator into how he found the relic weapon. It was revealed that way back in February, whilst traveling from Camp Searchlight and passing Novac, an odd cloaked trader at a roadside near 188 trading post was the first thing harry went to as he needed to trade some junk for food. The stranger offered him the gun in return for some junk, which harry agreed to thinking he could shoot some Radroaches instead of punching them all the time. After which Harry made his way towards the west of the Mojave, but later on the giant tin men were following him from a distance, spooking the Vault Dweller to make haste to safety at the town. He said those giants didn’t come for him like the ones from weeks ago. The ones he saw were motionless and staring like hunting eagles looking at prey. All this information baffled the investigator as to the motives behind the trader and the Brotherhood of Steels ambush strike. He was going to assess the information that he gathered and check with the traders at the 188 trading post to see if they knew who this stranger was. As for the gun, it was decided that it would stay at Camp McCarron for further research and testing.
  • June 18th: The team left Camp McCarron and headed off back towards Bonnie Springs.
  • June 21st: After days of travel the team returned to Bonnie Springs, both with the good news and bad news.
  • July 9th: Mayor Philips had gathered the team into his office to brief them on the latest progress with accessing Mr Gutsy’s information banks. It was uncovered that there’s a location where Flynnstown’s leader, Joseph, had left the towns stockpile in case of an emergency. However, the catch was that the location was not the stockpile location, but hidden terminals in the area that can only be accessed by password, though Philips suggest that Joseph was smart enough to hide the true location by means of scattering information coded within terminals. The team was ordered to go to a ruined Mr Handy factory and accesses the terminals, retrieve the information and return to Bonnie Springs. Carlos, Daniel, Alistair, Rachel, Neil and Mr Gutsy set off towards the outskirts of New Vegas in the industrial area where supposedly the terminals were hidden.
  • July 10th: As the team set off, Brotherhood of Steel squad follow the NCR patrol, staying as far as they could from sight and avoiding contact as possible. They were keeping their eye on Harry and knew that he and this squad had killed a BoS retrieval squad, they were going to get this technology back to Hidden Bunker, killing anyone in their way to get it back by force.
  • July 15th: The Team arrived at an old ruined Mr Handy production factory and started their search for the hidden terminals. Joseph kept them hidden by means of hiding them in obscure places where no one can find them. Even if they did, the terminals would appear as a blank screen as though it was broke, unless you enter the password correctly. The issue was that each terminal had its own password, and Mr Gutsy only gave these as a list but not for which terminal. So, it was a cause of guessing which password worked on each individual terminal. On top of that, there was a chance that a terminal could be actually be broken. There’s a master terminal at the centre of the factory which can send information to all terminals, but it’s beyond capable of receiving access to all the fragmented information from each terminal and downloading it from there. The team was caught by the BoS and the battle erupted into a firefight. The fight would last for some time until two of the NCR patrol squad members gained access to two terminals and downloaded their contents. Then in revenge, Knight Sanders uploaded a virus into the master terminal, making data retrieval harder for the NCR. The BoS Eyebot was killed by Mr Gutsy, a Field Scribe was also killed by him as well. Civilian Ranger Daniel and Veteran Ranger Carols also got the opportunity to take down Knight Sanders. Paladin Earnest was killed by several sniper shots by 1st Recon Sharpshooter Alistair. Only Knight Tech Jericho survived and was able to stop the NCR from accessing the final terminal, knocking Trooper Rachel cold on the ground and stalling the NCR long enough for the virus to destroy all of the data stalled in the terminals. Only three of the four necessary terminals were accessed and downloaded in time before the total shutdown killed any chance of piecing all the data together. Knight Tech retreated away from the battle into the desert of the Mojave.
  • July 23rd: Returning to Bonnie Springs to report to Mayor Philips of the mission, he wasn’t as harsh as he usually was, which surprised Carlos for the first time since he was stationed at the town. Whilst the Mayor was disappointed that the data was incomplete, he did congratulate the team on a successful attempt at recovering ¾ of the data needed to find the stockpile site.
  • July 25th: After some considerable time piecing the information as best they could, computer expert Civilian Ranger Daniel was able to unlock the data. This was then stored in a holotape and sent to the Mayor’s office where he, Daniel, Carlos and the town council gathered around to see the terminal. Text ran across a terminal screen, some clear others corrupted from damage or missing data from the last fragment lost during the previous mission. Subjects like ‘Operation: Sea wall’, ‘Operation: Red Hammer’, Operation: Assertion’ and a few corrupted data flashed up as well. Operation: Sea Wall was a stockpile location for an old WWII German anti-aircraft artillery weapon. It was accessed about six years ago and taken by a group called the Princes Utopia, acquired by trade for much needed materials and energy motors to power lighting in the town. Operation: Red Hammer was unclear, but appeared to be outside connections, much else is lost from this subject. Finally there’s Operation: Assertion, a mission to recover a relic weapon which was stolen by one of Flynnstown’s now exiled Council member, Julian F. Ellis. He stole the the weapon from Joseph’s office about two years ago, and vanished into the Mojave desert ever since. The weapons name was called The Kellnos, an artifact that once belonged to the Enclave until their downfall back west. All of this information made no sense…

Arc 1 finished

Thank you for reading this post, and if you’ve read all the posts in the series so far, thank you! This was an ambitious project that took me a lot of time to research and create the foundations of my settlement mode series. I’m grateful for the support I’ve received from everyone from my Insta community, who have been a source of inspiration and motivation for this project.

The good news is that arc 2 is not too far away! I’ve already played my first of five games, hopefully I can get the rest done very soon.

That’s all from me for today. Until next time,

-34th Tribe

3 thoughts on “Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode part 3

    1. Thank you! 😀

      It would be awesome if I could, but I’d be in a sticky situation as FWW (liscensed to Modiphius Entertainment who created the wargame and miniatures) is part of the Fallout IP belonging to Bethesda games studio. Whilst the story in the settlement mode and a few characters mentioned were created by myself, the rest including factions, locations, names and overall setting belongs to the Fallout IP.

      However, based on my campaign game I’ve played for this seres, the story for all three parts so far can easily be made into a fictional story or even a graphic novel. Just so long as it’s non profit and the IP owners see the work as fan creation based only.

      Speaking of graphic novel, I did a fan pencil on grey paper illustration cover on Instagram awhile back. Its a montage of characters and events in arc 1. 🙂

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