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Side stuff #1

Since Instagram is down at the moment (unless right now as I’m typing this it’s back up) I might as well post something for the blog.

So far things haven’t gone quite as well with this second blog in views, but I’d suspect it’s more to do with just setting up only weeks ago. I’d hoped that having my blog and Instagram being connected in long form and short form content would attract a lot more people to this site, but alas it appears that it didn’t work.

On the positive side my enthusiasm for blogging is still strong. With this site from the ground up being organised for ease of finding content simpler, I can focus on building my blog content with a variety of subjects without being boxed into a particular subject (like only painting and collecting for example).

I took a week off blogging as I’d done much more post than usual in my first week. Now that my break is done I’ve got some ideas going forward for what I’d like to post. I’m currently getting my next Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie springs settlement mode chapter ready for blogging. Then I want to post a how to painting guide for The Knights of Mousillon Stormhost.

Speaking of Fallout, I’ve recently got my first game of Arc 2 done last weekend. I can’t share much of what happened in the story yet, but I thought I’d share some photos of the game.

For Arc 2 I will be posting more photos of the games I’ll be playing, as I didn’t keep the photos from Arc 1 before I started this blogsite. This way the story will be more imersive going forwards in my settlement mode narrative series.

One final thing before I go, I’ve recently got myself some second hand army books for AoS 2nd Ed and 40k 8th Ed. These were a much needed find as I’ve been wanting to play my Sacrosanct Chamber and Bad Moon Orks for ages.

I currently don’t see myself following the trend of current editions, I’ve gone over the whole allure of new new new. I’m content to play old stuff that I’m comfortable with. Although and lore within narrative books like Broken Realms or Warzone style of AoS campagin book series will be a must have (if it’s got lore that interest me that is).

Anyone want to see AoS or 40k narrative campaign content?

That’ll be all for today. You can follow me on Instagram for the latest hobby projects at 34th_Tribe_of_the_Vault.

Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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