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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Bonnie Springs Settlement Mode part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my ongoing Fallout Wasteland Warfare settlement mode campaign. In this post the timeline to arc 1 continues from where we left off, as the NCR are fighting an ever increasing threat of the Super Mutants. tragedy and glory awaits those who can overcome the dangers of the Mojave; can the NCR hold of Bonnie Springs do the same?

The following events are based on my games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Arc 1 continued

  • March 26th: The loss of the Flynnstowns leader and his dog broke the survivors who were now living at Bonnie Springs. When Carlos came back with a sack of the remains of Kell, many were on their knees at the sight. A bitter victory for the NCR that Mayor Philips was bitterly unimpressed with, he questioned whether Carlos was fit to even be a Veteran Ranger at all. He did this not for the loss of Flynnstown, it’s leader or the dog, he was angry that his reputation was falling because his finest soldier can’t do his job right. So too did the lessons of his troubled past surge in his thoughts thinking about his dead wife, in a faraway settlement now but scrap and ruin. Coldly, he warned Carlos that anymore failures would result in him sent back to the outpost with his rank stripped. NCR ambassador partly agreed with the mayor on the opinion that any more failure would damage the trust and support of the town’s folk of Bonnie Springs. However, he didn’t agree with the mayor’s harsh treatment of Carlos, saying that Carlos was only human and dealt with the situation as best he could. They at least recovered a Mr Gutsy who had data on stockpile locations that Flynnstown leader had kept in data storage, though it would take time to access the information as technicians work on breaking into the internal memory storage.
  • March 27th: Kell the dog was buried at the side of the mayor’s office building, the funeral would be the unveiling of Kell’s memorial stone which read “Courage, honour and justice is what kell reminds us all to strive for. Though he was murdered by the mutants in Flynnstown’s darkest hour, he faced the creations of our doing as he stood bloodied and proud killing a mighty Brute in his final minutes of life without fear nor regret. Kell, the Hero of Flynnstown”. This was both to honour the people of Flynnstown to show that Bonnie Springs was on their side, to give them an honorable burial for their beloved leaders dog. But it was also a propaganda piece designed to inspire the towns folks’ anger at their loss to enlist into the NCR and make the people of Flynnstown stay at Bonnie Springs. Kell the hero was nothing but a political propaganda so that Bonnie Springs would grow as major NCR landmark. Mayor Philips was pleased when the majority of the townsfolk stayed at Bonnie Springs, in his view he’d rather save these people under his care or else they become unpatriotic squatters who didn’t fight for what’s right and true.
  • April 14th: “The Battle at Bonnie Springs Guard Post” was a decisive victory for the NCR as the Super Mutant Master and his warriors were all but wiped out. A daring frontal attack to gain the upper hand, the Master thought he and his warband could bash through the defenses and weaken the settlements security. However, the Master didn’t realize just how strong the defenses were. It wasn’t the scrap guard post that hold the wave at bay, for it was the anger, determination and focus of the NCR Patrol squad that saved the day. Most of the team survived the grueling battle, although trooper Ashley was knocked down cold by a Super Mutant as he smashed her with a Nail Board. It was later confirmed that she suffered pains to the head but not life threatening. Then tragedy struck when it came at a tragic loss of Trooper Haines, who tried to kill the barely alive Master in close quarters; he was teared apart by a huge club which ripped him in half. Later after the battle they took his remains back and sorrowful said a goodbye from the squad as they attended Haines’s final rest. At least he died in victory after a string of bad luck for months. A proper funeral was held for Trooper Haines as his ashes were brought back to his home town of Novac, where he was scattered on a desolate highway near the Dinky the Dinosaur landmark. Mayor Philips gave the late Haines an honorary reward of the Red Courage medal to his family, saying how the trooper was the brightest and hardest working member of the Bonnie Springs Patrol Squad. Despite his differences with the mayors past actions, Carlos and the mayor settled in agreement to improve Bonnie springs and those that died in its defense to never be forgotten.
  • May 2nd: Some time had passed since the Battle at Bonnie Springs Guard Post, the team carried on maintaining order and civility at Bonnie Springs from day to day. A few petty crimes here and there, some chem dealers caught in the territory were shot dead, a few raiders caused a stir but they too were dealt with. However, things weren’t as calm as they seemed for Trooper Ashely had been dealing with chem addicts during her patrols at night. She developed an addiction to painkillers due to her head injury causing her painful migraines that have been persistent since she was knocked in the head by a Mutant. When the coast was clear she paid the dealers to supply her with the ‘medication’ and let them sneak past NCR territory so they can go and supply their far away customers.
  • May 6th: Harry had finally reached the hill area of West Mojave, seeking to find his Vault Dweller friends at an old car park near a deserted town called Bonnie Springs. However, as he came to the location, he found five dead Vault Dweller corpses in the car park. He spotted three metal giants in the distance like post war warriors of old. He was spooked by the sight and knew he couldn’t beat all of them himself, so he and his Brahmin rushed away to find safety at Bonnie Springs. The giants didn’t engage as they stood motionless in the falling sun down.
  • May 7th: The next day a traveler by the name of Harry came to the town of Bonnie Springs was his pack Brahmin and dog. He asked for some help escorting him and his load to safety across the Mojave to deliver his Brahmin to a secure NCR location. When asked why he would even need help if he came all this way alone, he said men in metal suits were hunting him down.
  • May 18th: Despite the initial fears of this new threat, when they checked Harry’s proof of trade license, his history within the Mojave and the outside world and checked over his Brahmin cargo they found nothing of importance. In fact, all they found was nothing but boxes of Abraxo cleaner and scrap. Harry explained to them that he was from a long bloodline of free thinkers who live anywhere that suits them. Stretching all the way back before the nuclear apocalypse, his many great ancestor, Soup Can Harry the 1st, was actually a Vault Tech Overseer whose vault was located in an underground city. Where passageways were round like big drill sized hole, and long powered down iron mole rail beasts sleep for eternity. Or so he says, most of it was gibberish beyond sanity. Mayor Philips almost charged Harry with wasting NCR time and focus when abruptly ambassador Ellis noticed Harry’s weapon. It was of ancient design, pre-nuclear war most likely. He asked if he could inspect it, which harry just gave it to him like it didn’t mean much to him. Upon closer inspection the ambassador couldn’t make out whether the weapon was of American design or more worryingly, Enclave made technology. He told Mayor Philips that these men in metal suits were either the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave. To which Philips all of a sudden went pale at the mention of the Enclave which stirred darker thoughts in his mind. He dropped the charges on Harry and immediately ordered for a patrol squad to meet him in his office right away.

End of part 2

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Until next time,

-34th Tribe

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