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A New Beginning

Hello, and welcome to the first of many blog posts for narrative wargaming, painting, collecting and discussing ways for making your hobby an engaging and fun experience.

You may know me by the same name as my Instagram, and this blog will be a way for me to go into detail about subjects within my interests. The blog will be a longer form of sharing my hobby with my thought processes, ideas, experience and reflecting on my work.

Right now I’m getting everything set up for a series based on my Fallout Wasteland Warfare settlement mode campaign. I’ve featured parts of the campaign on Instagram, but that’s only half of it in terms of the narrative story and planning behind the series.

I’ll be covering a few wargaming hobbies such as Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Games Workshop and many more to come in the future. I also have a side hobby of Gundam, although that’s not as frequent as my wargaming interests.

If you have any questions and suggestions, you can send me it in the comment sections of my blog posts.

With that I think that’s it for now. I look forward to seeing you again in my upcoming blog posts.

I’m also on Instagram at: 34th_Tribe_of_the_Vault.

Many thanks,

-34th Tribe

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